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Making Meaning Out of Life

Do you ever feel like you've honestly tried to change internal emotional issues and external life circumstances, but nothing is getting better? Ever feel that you've worked so hard to get out of a rut and done all you can and nothing is changing?

Sometimes, the physical and psychological tools we have, assuming we've tried all we can, really aren't enough. Sometimes, it's not about fixing or changing, but, rather, it's about pausing and working on accepting what is, not in order to change anything, but merely to accept that we are where we are for a reason. There is a lesson to learn in the present moment, no matter how difficult and painful life is. This is easier said than done. These moments of pause are opportunities to help us self-actualize and fulfill a unique mission in life.

If suffering hasn't gone away after our own attempts to remove it, consider that the only internal place left to go is in the moment, and to realize that we are not actually in control of outcomes. Rather, outcomes are powered by a higher power (aka God, the One Divine). What if there is something beyond my will that I have to learn here? For example, since pain or chronic illness will most likely never align with the human will (most people do not want to live with pain or illness), consider facing the pain and seeing what's in and beyond it. Acknowledging inward, instead of trying to avoid/escape the pain, may be what is required to cope and get through it. 


This direction is not for everyone, but it may be the only direction left for some. If this resonates with you, I can help you work on how to get past 'What I want isn't happening' -however normal and valid your wants might be - to 'What if I am not getting what I want? Now what? Can I explore a place beyond my control and will?' 

This is not a passive, resigned approach - it's a place of active striving and active surrender at the same time (a difficult balance).

Modern western cultures, entrenched in individualism, are beginning to understand that humans may not always be able to serve their own individual will, nor can we always be in control of outcomes. This is not a popular idea, but to believe otherwise may bring about an unending, draining internal struggle.

Note: Unlike other approaches, this approach is not based on specific religious beliefs.

See contact info below to set up a session. May you heal in mind, body and spirit.

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