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Supportive Groups

Groups can be very validating and supportive, enhancing self growth in a dynamic way. And it's a great way to see that you are not alone with the concerns that you carry. Additionally, for professionals working in intense environments or with challenging populations, group support is vital to prevent burnout and fatigue. I offer groups that promote relaxation, revitalization, creativity, grounding, validation and a release of heavy personal or professional burdens.

I believe in trust, integrity, honesty, respect, ethics, boundaries, as well as clear communication and expectations.


  • Relaxation Groups: Guided imagery, Breathing, Mindfulness,     Mind/Body

  • Connecting In & Upward (for those more spiritually minded) 

  • Self Exploration through Poetry Group (SEP)

  • Writing Expressions Group 

  • Creative Expressions Group (using movement, role play and theatre exercises)

  • Self Exploration through Film Group (SEF)

  • Empowerment Group for Women

  • Caring for loved ones with Dementia 

  • Caring for children with long term illness

  • Foster Parents Group

  • Bereavement Group

  • Professionals working in foster care 

  • Professionals working in residential settings

  • Professionals working in hospice and/or palliative care 

  • Teachers' Support Group

  • Nurses' Support Group

Sign up today and feel more refreshed, focused and validated!

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