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Individual & Family Therapy

     For past & recent 

trauma, loss, physical and

relationship/family issues

using many treatment models.



Relaxation & mindfulness,

   poetry, film, and other

 expressive models.

   Caregiver & other specialty



Strengthening the Therapist


 Strengthening your confidence,

broadening your

 skill and intervention base

within a safe environment.


Strengthening the Clinical Supervisor

   Get the support you rarely get! 

Supervisory training &

case consultations

to boost confidence

and expand your skills.


Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Whether you are seeking to grow professionally or personally, I offer deep insight, scope, hands-on skills, and confidence building within a respectful, non-judgmental and energizing partnership. I focus on your goals and help you reach them in a creative way that is unique to who you are. My integrative approach can mean the difference between being stuck and thriving. 

Chavie Brumer, LCSW, MBA

I started my career in 1997 and learned to really see and hear people's unique needs. With degrees in Psychology, Social Work, and Business Administration, I use my experience as an individual, family and group therapist, 

clinical supervisor, program creator and developer and management advisor to help you grow to the next level.

Having Chavie as my supervisor is an incredible asset to my growth as a therapist. In her non-judgmental way, Chavie helps me work through my doubts, while simultaneously empowering me to trust my intuition in my work with clients. She also has a vast array of valuable therapeutic interventions in her toolbox. I come away feeling enriched. ---- T.S., Chicago
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