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Empowering the Leader/

It can be lonely at the top or

  even in the middle. Whether

you are in the corporate or

non-profit world, I can help

you gain confidence and skills.


Strengthening Your 

I provide creative, supportive groups to help your staff and managers grow,

as well as leadership

 consultations to help 

re/structure your organization. 


Individual & Family Therapy

I facilitate 

        growth for those who                  struggle with trauma, loss,        relationship/family and

spiritual issues using many treatment models.



Growth is facilitated through

    specific groups: relaxation,

   poetry, film, and other

 expressive models.

   Specialty groups are offered

 to professionals who

work in intense environments.

Strengthening  the Therapist


 Effective clinical supervision

   within a safe environment

   creates a better therapist.

  Using an integrative approach,

 I can help you broaden your

 skills and intervention base.


Strengthening  the Clinical Supervisor

   I offer clinical supervisors the support they rarely get with 

case consultations

   and an opportunity to

 learn how to create productive relationships with their staff.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Whether you are seeking to grow professionally or personally, I offer deep insight, scope, hands-on skills, and confidence building within a respectful, non-judgmental and energizing partnership. I focus on your goals and help you reach them in a creative way that is unique to who you are. I take your feedback seriously and integrate that into future steps towards fulfillment. If you are a manager, leader, clinician or if you are interested in personal healing and growth, my integrative approach can mean the difference between being stuck and thriving. 

Chavie Brumer, LCSW, MBA

I started my career in 1997 and learned what models help people grow and what models disempower. With degrees in Psychology, Social Work, and Business Administration, I use my experience as an individual, family and group psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, team manager, program creator and developer, management advisor and organizational consultant to help you or your team grow to the next level.

Having Chavie as my supervisor is an incredible asset to my growth as a therapist. In her non-judgmental way, Chavie helps me work through my doubts, while simultaneously empowering me to trust my intuition in my work with clients. She also has a vast array of valuable therapeutic interventions in her toolbox. I come away feeling enriched. ---- T.S., Chicago
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